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The school has a uniform, which we hope will be worn by all children. 

 It is flexible and may include black or grey trousers, sweatshirt or v-neck jumper in blue, the school colour, and a polo or ordinary shirt in white, grey or blue.

Girls might wear the above and also a tunic or skirt in grey, cardigan or dress.

 A uniform gives a sense of belonging, stops competition and allows children to save their best clothes for out of school.  We hope parents will make every effort to encourage children to wear it.  We sell sweatshirts, with our own crest, at reasonable prices.

Our School PE Kit & Swimming

Children will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in gymnastics, small games, athletics, swimming and team games.

Children must be properly equipped.  They must have a change of clothing and footwear for P E, which must be appropriate and is best kept in a pump bag.  Indoor P E is done in bare feet unless there is a medical problem.  They should have shorts, vest or sports shirt and suitable footwear.  They are not allowed to wear jewellery of any sort, as it is dangerous.

 Parents must inform the school, in writing, if their child is not fit to do P E.  If the school is not informed then a letter will be sent to parents asking for a reason to be given, as we must make sure that children take part in P E.  We ask for your co-operation in these matters.

 Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have swimming sessions at some time during the year and they must come suitably equipped for this.  They will walk to the local pool.  Sports shorts are not allowed in the pool. Swimming shorts are acceptable.  All children should be swimming by the time they are 11 and we ask for your support in taking your child for extra sessions.